You CAN Build a Real Estate Business By Referral

Work Less | Make More | Enjoy the Process


Many successful Real Estate professional's would say that running your business strictly by referral can't be done,

BUT I can show you how it has worked.


For the last 5 years this system has allowed me to sell:

  • More than 50 homes a year
  • In less than 40 hours a week
  • Exclusively by REFERRAL
  • With a database of only 300

It can be done! I can show you how!

Plus, I will hand you the roadmap every month!

Have you resigned yourself to doing business the way everyone else says you have to? Running yourself ragged doing all the activity?

Cold calling, door knocking, open houses and buying leads!!!

Is "their" way not working for you? Working 80 hour weeks, spending tons of money on leads, not getting the results you expected?

Do you want to build relationships but just don't know where to start?

That's where the Action Plan comes in!

We'll show you the proven system of simple actions, and teach you the mindset to build your business by referral and provide everything you need to execute the Perfect 36 Touch System for yourself every month.

Building your business by referral lowers your cost of doing business, increases your sales, and gives you your life back!

Here's everything you get with the ACTION PLAN...

Every Month you will get a strategic guide in your inbox that includes:

  • Mailer Flyers

The written and designed for you printable mailer to send out to your database every month to stay front of mind.

  • Email Templates

The exact email to send to your database every month to provide value, show care, and establish expertise as a real estate professional.

  • Relational Action

Guidance for systematic relational actions that build powerful trusting connection with your database. This will include the context and instructions for your calls, texts, notes and popbys for the month, as well as the plans and logistics for quarterly client parties and coffees.


You get all of the following to help you stay on track and continuously grow!

  • Weekly Encouragement

Receive a video each week to keep you on track and motivated while coaching you to referral success.

  • Downloadable Dialogues and Letters

Practice makes perfect. Print out and use the dialogues and letters to help you connect relationally with your database and learn to grow in likability and trust.

  • Video Training Database

24/7 access to watch at your leisure, videos that can help you navigate essential aspects of successful real estate. Topics cover database management, negotiating, presenting, capturing referrals and so much more.

  • Listing and Buying Packets

Get copies of the personal pre-listing and buyer packets that Garrett has used to sell 50 homes a year for 4 years.

Want to know more?

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Get started for just $50/month

No strings attached, no hidden fees.

HOW am I SO Confident

The Action Plan WORKS?

I have lived it!

Stressed, burnt out and struggling. Those three words perfectly described me in April of 2016. My father-in-law had to undergo triple bypass surgery and complications led to him in a hospital bed the next two and a half years until he passed in December 2018. To care for him, my wife left her job that same month and I hired my first full-time assistant and brought on my first agent. And to top it off, a friend and I bought our first flip and closed April 26…It was a difficult month

On the outside I was ok, but inside, my world was spiraling…not knowing what else to do I just started working A LOT. I would be at the office 7-7 most days, come home, eat a quick dinner (typically peanut butter and popcorn…don’t judge it until you try it) then I’d head back over to the flip and work until midnight…every….single….day

Read on and see how this crazy, stressful month of April and a challenge from my wife caused me to build The Perfect 36 Touch System to make more sales in less time

Fast forward to a sunny day in the middle of June. I needed a break. So I took the day off to just think – about where I wanted to go with this business, what I wanted to achieve, what we could create for our family. It fired me up. So, I came home and just started unloading on my wife everything that was in my head about where we could be, what we could build and what that would mean for us and how it would take extra hours for me at work but it would be worth it.

 **FREE HUSBAND TIP – Don’t forget to ask your wife how her day was before you share everything about yours….oops…sorry babe

Anyways….here I am sharing everything that we could do in the next 5 years and I’m truly excited. I finally finish my rage of excitement and I look at my wife and say “What do you think?” Gearing up to hear her say “Wow! What a great idea” I hear….nothing….So I say “Did you hear what I said? What do you think?”….and she looked at me and said “Garrett I need you to figure out a way to work less”

……….WHAT………did she not hear what I had just told her? What we could achieve, all that we could do?“Garrett, I need you to figure out a way to work less and still accomplish it all…”

That line just kept ringing in my ears…how in the world could I do that? Was that even possible? How do I double my income, double my sales, while cutting my hours in half?

So there I was...

that statement rattling around in my head “Garrett, I need you to figure out a way to work less and still accomplish all that you just said…” and the only thing I could think was How do I double my income, double my sales, while cutting my hours in half?

I wanted to honor my wife’s request, she absolutely had the right to ask that of me and still has that right, but how could I do that?

It was then that it hit me – if I was going to sell 50 homes a year and work only 40 hours a week or less I had to MASTER a referral business. I needed to build a business that would be lead generating for me even when I was home having dinner with my family or on vacation. I needed a business that brought in clients who were fun to work with and respected my time, not running to the next agent when I didn’t answer my phone. I could do it, but I’d have to be great at it

 So, I set out to build The Perfect 36 Touch

 For the past five years I’ve been tweaking it, redoing pieces, adding pieces and fine-tuning the system to where it is today and now… IT’S READY FOR YOU

Learn how to systematically build relationships which will systematically build your business. Get the action steps, the dialogues, the popby tags, the client party ideas, the mailers, the emails, the mindset workshops, video training database, ALL OF IT, handed to you each and every month. 

 I want you to succeed. I want you to sell more homes. I want you to work fewer hours. I want  you to be able to go home and engage the people you love. That’s why I’m offering this tried and true method so you can skip all of the wasted time trying to figuring it out for yourself and instead start executing and building your business.

How do I know it works? Because I’ve done it and I’m currently doing it and it works. Five years in a row I've sold 50 homes a year in under 40 hours a week all by referral. Even better, I've made a 3500% return on my investment and took 63% to the bottom line even with two full-time admin. Oh, and my database only has 300 people...


Get started for just


No strings attached, no hidden fees.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Your effort and follow through are the greatest influence on your results.

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